Bread of Life to close thrift store to expand meal service

Published on January 24, 2017

Bread of Life Centre in Port Alberni with Cornerstones Thrift Store behind. The store will close as of Jan. 31.

Port Alberni — 

Cornerstones Thift Store is being closed by the Bread of Life Centre as of Jan. 31, and the charity will start a trial program to serve meals on weekends to those struggling with poverty, disability, addictions, and loneliness.

Rev. Minnie Hornidge, president of the Board of the Bread of Life Centre, said “although the store has provided as much as 25 per cent of our income, it also requires more than 25 per cent of our expenses, and over the last few years has become a liability.” The centre will seek grant money to provide the expanded meal service permenently if the trial period is successful.

“Our long time Store Manager will unfortunately become redundant as we have no other position for her,” reports board member Pamela Day. 

The thrift store was established many years ago, when inexpensive household goods and clothing were not readily available, reads a press statement released today.

Hornidge says that, “provision of these goods used to make this small liability worthwhile. Today, there is no purpose in maintaining our store at a loss when such goods are available elsewhere.”

The centre plans to use the store space to expand direct services.

The Bread of Life Centre currently provides breakfast and lunch five days a week, as well as medical, social, counselling and spiritual services to the disadvantaged in Port Alberni.

“We make sure that people in Port Alberni don’t need to go hungry for five days a week”, but, “the demand for our services during the week causes our directors to be concerned that people are going hungry on weekends – particularly at the end of the month.

Donations that have been made to Cornerstones will be directed to the KUU-US Crisis Line Society, Salvation Army, SPCA Thrift Store, Port Thrift Store, and the Attic.