Hilda Hansen turns 92 and celebrates in style

By Debora Steel, December 9, 2013

Hilda Hansen waves at the cheers from her family when she enters the room for her birthday party at the United Church in Campbell River Dec. 6.

Campbell River — 

Family came together to celebrate the 92nd birthday of Nan Hilda Hansen Dec. 6 in Campbell River.

The event was held at the United Church, and the room was decorated in purple and gold; purple because it is Hilda’s favorite color, said El Nicolaye. And gold because she has a heart of gold.

Balloons were pinned up around the room and dangling from a ribbon on each was a picture of one of Nan’s many family members. A quick calculation revealed eight children, 23 grandchildren, 73 great grandchildren, and 11 great, great grandchildren, the youngest of whom, Rico, two months old, was in attendance.

“She is like Thunder,” said emcee Ron Hamilton about his Auntie Hilda. She is going to be here in the form of her bloodline for a very long time, he explained.

Photos from the event: http://www.hashilthsa.com/gallery/hilda-hansen-turns-92

Also on hand were some of Hilda’s adopted children, include Johnny O. Frank of Ahousaht, who said he was brought into the family 12 years ago through ceremony.

When Nan Hilda entered the packed room people jumped to their feet and cheered loudly. Hilda raised her hand and waved to everyone before she was escorted to her seat at the centre of a long table filled with her children. From that spot she received kisses, hugs and well wishes from young and old.

“We love our mother very much, and we wanted to show it,” said daughter Tess Smith.

There was a meal served and a lot of hugs shared. Family visited and laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. A large purple cake with sparklers was wheeled out and the ceremonial candles in the shape of a 9 and a 2 were blown out, with help from Hilda’s baby, Bev Hansen. A stack of presents for the esteemed woman of the hour was piled by Hilda’s side.