Ahousaht Chiefs Announce a Moratorium on Industrial Logging in Clayoquot Sound

The Ahousaht Hawiih have announced an end to industrial scale logging in the Hahoulthlee (traditional territory) of the Ahousaht Tribe effective immediately.

For the past 20 years, the two main Tree Farm Licenses in the area TFL 54 and 57 have been accessing old grow timber within the increasingly constrained areas of Clayoquot Sound often creating conflicts with Ahousaht traditional values and highly prized internationally recognized conservation interests.

The Nation has recently launched a community Land Use Visioning process which intends to produce a set of management values designed to protect a traditional way of life while supporting a continued transition to a modern diversified sustainable economy.

Tyee Hawiih Maquinna (Lewis George) announced today that “the end has come to the large scale logging operations of the past that leave much to be desired in the way of long lasting environmental footprint and very little community benefit”.

Hawiih Tlaakiishwia, John Keitlah, stated “We must now sit down with all levels of government and find a solution that creates a truly prosperous sustainable future for our people”.

The Chiefs will continue to strive to find solutions to assist in the transition to a green economy, including seeking assistance from NGOs and others.

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